About Valecom.co.uk

Valecom.co.uk prides itself on being professional at all times and follows 5 simple but effective rules to help deliver this promise. These are :

1) We will always be polite to our customers.

2) We will always strive to resolve your problems as quickly and as cheaply as we can.

3) We will always be punctual with our service. In the event of a delay will give you as much notice as we possibly can.

4) We will NEVER charge for a service where we have been unsuccessful in resolving it. Like-wise, where multiple services have been requested, only the completed services will be billed for.

5) We will NEVER share your information or details with anyone else.

With a long history of building and repairing computers; and linked with qualifications in Secure and Forensic computing gained at Degree level, we believe that valecom.co.uk is a name that can be trusted.

Valecom.co.uk operate in the Barnsley, South Yorkshire area and are proud to help and support local businesses.